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Preliminary design site to provide basic design details on the early prototypes. For any inquires, please contact us at launch@see-mo.com


Do you need the mobile app to use the SeeMo?

  • Yes, the SeeMo mobile app is central to the use of the system. It’s where you discover new recipes, buy ingredients, watch step-by-step “how to” videos to guide you in the brewing process, and it’s where you can monitor the SeeMo itself using the built-in WiFi on the SeeMo.

How easy is it to use the SeeMo?

  • We’ve designed the SeeMo to be easy to use, and low-cost. The SeeMo itself is actually two systems: one, the automatic fermenter, and two, the optional automatic boiler and lauter tun. The automatic fermenter sits on your countertop, and actively monitors and controls the fermentation process while giving you up-to-date progress information via the SeeMo mobile app. You can use the fermenter without the automatic boiler, instead using just household kettles and strainers by following the guided videos we provided. But for more control and better results, we recommend purchasing the automatic boiler to sit atop the fermenter.

Will the mash-in process be automated?

  • The optional automatic boiler automatically “mashes” and boils. Using the SeeMo mobile app, you can purchase a range of supplies, including easy-to-user syrups. For more creative & authentic experience, we recommend using the automatic boiler with full grain “mashing” and up to four (4) hop varieties.

Where do I buy my malt?

  • With the SeeMo mobile app, you can learn about recipes and order supplies from within the app. We offer supplies in three options: one, we have very easy-to-use syrups which can simply be boiled on your stovetop; two, we have a selection of pre-measured malts and hops available in muslin “tea” bags which can be used in either our automatic boiler or boiled on your stovetop; three, we also offer a full selection of pre-measured malts and hops which can be inserted into our automatic boiler.

Will there be several varieties?

  • With the SeeMo mobile app, you can browse a wide variety of beer styles. And in partnership with our brew supply companies, you can purchase brewing supplies directly from within the app.

Can I use tap water or must I buy bottled water?

  • Tap water should be fine.

Instead of lautering, can I get malt in a bag, like tea?

  • Yes, using the SeeMo app you will be able to purchase malts and hops in pre-measured muslin wrapped “tea” bags. Using these pre-measured muslin bags along with our built-in video instruction is the easies way to get started making beer at home.

How can I control the amount of hops added during the boiling stage?

  • The SeeMo mobile app will walk you through the boil process. Using either pre-measured ingredients, availabe as a syrup or in individually wrapped muslin bags, the mobile app will guide you step-by-step through the process. For even more control & convenience, you can add pre-measured grains and hops to the automatic boiler, hit the start button, and we’ll let you know when everything’s ready!

How will I clarify the wort?

  • Using the SeeMo app, we provide step-by-step video tutorials for every step of the process. When using your own pots on your stovetop, we show you several techniques for boiling and clarifying your wort. When using the automatic boiler, we have a two-stage process for mash-in and boil.

Must the hot wort be cooled rapidly?

  • For professional systems, a heat-exchange is used to rapidly cool the boiling wort to a temperature at which the yeast will survive; this is mostly due to production efficiency. For home brewing, we recommend letting the hot wort cool in a sealed system. With the automatic fermenter, we monitor the temperature of the wort and alert you when you’re ready to manually add the yeast.

Is yeast included in the package?

  • Yes, you can order a variety of yeast directly from within the SeeMo mobile app.

Must I store the yeast in my refrigerator?

  • We offer both dry and “wet” yeast strains, some of which require refrideration.

Will you provide a cleaning solution?

  • Yes, the SeeMo mobile app will provide cleaning instructions using either household detergents or chemicals. We also offer stronger speciality caustics for purchase directly within the SeeMo app.

More Information

You can find more information about the design process here, and more detail about the early prototype here.

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